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New book about gambling, lottery and cards in the USSR

The Russian writer Yevgeny Kovtun presented his new book on the history of gambling in our country. Three-volume creation was called "The excitement in the Soviet Union." In addition, each is connected to a separate area of the sphere of gambling entertainment: the first volume - about gambling and commercial gaming in the country, the second volume - the lottery, the third - on card games.

The author himself noted that such a work - is not a first for him. He previously wrote about the history of gambling in some foreign countries. In particular, Germany, France, the United States of America. However, the history of our country, the period 1920-1960's is not addressed. "On some stages of the legislative regulation of gambling in the West, I knew more than the same years of their existence in my own country - the author notes. – "It was a serious gap in my biography".

The book is addressed to a wider audience, all those who are interested in the history of the country. The author describes the contents of his creation as follows: "Each volume describes the stages of the rise and fall of the Soviet people's individual passions - card games, lotteries, the history of the state monopoly of the card, in terms of formal and actual state of affairs. The book takes us from the alley of „Soviet ministry” in illegal brothels of that time and invites to know what is hidden behind a veil of carefully guarded „highly moral” and estrangement from gambling of the Soviet society, about what previously no one had ever told".

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