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A presentation of Evgeny Kovtun’s Book “Hazard in the Country of Soviet” held in the Casino Shangri La Tbilisi

The presentation of Evgeny Kovtun, a famous expert in a field of legal regulation of gaming business and history of gambling, and his new book “Hazard in the Country of Soviet” («Азарт в стране Советов») held in the casino Shangri La Tbilisi.

This is the first publication of a kind, devoted to such a specific type of entertainment in Soviet Union as gambling, lotteries and card games. The book is published in three volumes: “Hazard Games” («Азартные игры»), “Lotteries” («Лотереи») and “Card State Monopoly” («Государственная карточная монополия»).

Before writing the book, the author studied more than 5000 archive materials, read more than 1000 central newspapers of that period and picked more than 600 rare illustrations and photos. “Hazard in the Country of Soviet” fully describes the history of development of gambling in the USSR during 1917-1991. The publication will be helpful for those, who is interested in the history of gaming business and lotteries.

During the presentation the author voiced historical examples of gambling in the USSR, told interesting facts, related to gambling, gave examples of illegal gaming, touched on the history of gambling in Georgia and answered the questions from the audience.

The book may be purchased through the online store Amazon.com. Several copies of the publication will be presented by Shangri La casino to local libraries.

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Evgeny Kovtun

A famous expert in the field of governmental regulation of gaming business and lotteries. The author of many books and articles devoted to legal and historical sides of gaming business. His articles have been published in different media in Russian Federation and abroad and translated into different languages (including English, French, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Georgian, Farsi, etc.).