Legal Regulation of Gambling in Former USSR Countries and Foreign States

The book "Legal Regulation of Gambling in Former USSR Countries and Foreign States" gives full and comprehensive analytical coverage of the legal regulation of gambling in ex-USSR countries (the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan). The author provides a detailed account of the history of gambling regulation in the USSR and a survey of the current legislation.

The publication is recommended for officers of any legislative authorities, civil servants, teachers, postgraduate and undergraduate students of law universities and departments, gambling operators, and high readership.

The book is based on the legislature in effect as of December 1, 2008, unless otherwise stated.

“It is the first book on the Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet gaming business,” says the author of the book Evgeny Kovtun. “Its creation has been based on the need to make non-Russian-speaking readers aware of the history of development and existence of the gaming business in the CIS and Baltic countries. I am sure that the book will be of interest to each and everyone concerned with gambling. In addition, the book contains extensive historical material on the global development of the legislation regulating gambling.”